Kingswood Academy Third Quarter Honor Roll

Fifth Grade
Dean's List-Javier Diez, Sarah Fairbank, Ania Fervil, Meredith Green
1st Honors-Alexander Carlson, Sean Flood, Tara Gallagher, Mia Huerta, Peter James, Aaron John, Laura Kelly, Lucy Potter, Anne Rogg
2nd Honors-Paul Austrums, Sarah Seeman

Sixth Grade
Dean's List-Megan Gilbert, Nicholas Rozmus
1st Honors-Ana Kagan, Jack Pardilla, Jacqueline Stasny
2nd Honors-Jacqueline Lopez, Camila Martinez

7th Grade
Dean's List- Elizabeth LaSota,Marina McCormack, Olivia Green, Magda Rogg, Mary Margaret Potter
1st Honors-Rachel Fuller, Jacob John, Kami McNulty, Maria Pardilla, Jennifer Remar, Megan Schager
2nd Honors-Joseph Civantos

8th Grade
Dean's List-Marissa Fairbank, Kyle Tolentino
1st Honors-Joseph Allegretti
2nd Honors-Morgan Gallagher, Jasmine Lopez


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