Rep. Sandack Responds to Democrat Effort to Rush Audit Commission's NRI Probe

This week a subcommittee of the bicameral and bipartisan Illinois Legislative Audit Commission met to discuss the issuance of subpoenas related to an investigation into Governor Quinn’s scandal-plagued Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.

The Sun Times also reported this week that thousands of NRI dollars earmarked for an effort to help re-integrate newly-released young adult prison inmates back into society showed the address for the agency as a day care center in south suburban Dixmoor.

“One must question the legitimacy of a prisoner re-entry program housed out of a day care center,” said Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) a member of the legislative audit commission. “That obviously makes no sense and is just one more example on the growing list of instances of fraud and abuse within the NRI program; highlighting the importance of a thorough investigation of how these taxpayer dollars were used and abused.”

According to Sandack, the Senate and House Democrats on the subcommittee were not subtle in their desire to rush the process toward a quick conclusion at Monday’s meeting.

Click on the video below to view Sandack’s comments about the importance of a thorough, and not rushed, investigation into this abuse of taxpayer dollars.



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