Rep. Sandack Responds to Federal Probe into Governor Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative

In response to the federal investigation into Governor Pat Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative (NRI), State Representative Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) has issued the following statement:

“This is an appropriate use of investigative inquiry given what we know about Governor Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.  At a minimum, there is an appearance that a program created for community service may have been hijacked and used for political purposes.

“I fully support the U.S. Department of Justice’s inquiry into the NRI program. This program was put in place to do some good, and unfortunately it was mismanaged and there was no oversight or accountability. Now we are learning that the funds for this community service initiative could have been transformed into a political slush fund for the Governor’s campaign efforts. It’s very distressing and exemplifies all that is wrong with the State of Illinois.

“Not only were funds misused and misspent, but a great deal of money allocated to the NRI program is completely unaccounted for. Because the initial audit called into question up to 40% of the spending associated with the NRI program, this deeper federal investigation is warranted so that the allegations of waste, fraud and abuse can be addressed.”


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