Rep. Sandack Responds to Quinn Budget Address

Representative Sandack
Representative Sandack

….. In response to Governor Pat Quinn’s Budget Address on Wednesday, State Representative Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) has issued the following statement:


 “This was an overtly political speech. Rather than presenting a detailed plan that would appeal to all Illinois stakeholders, Governor Quinn used the podium today to reach out to his political base. This speech was similar to the speech we heard from Quinn the last time he was up for re-election. It was filled with promises for increased spending, a refusal to rein in irresponsible spending, and a pledge for business as usual in Springfield. He is completely out of touch with Illinois’ fiscal realities.


“Today’s address was missing the one key element that would turn our state around and put us on a path toward fiscal stability. Governor Quinn was mum on how he could improve the business climate and help the 570,000 Illinoisans who are currently out of work find sustainable employment. Rather than spreading the tax burden out between more working Illinoisans, Quinn’s plan for recovery is to drive a wedge between the classes.


“The Quinn administration has proven that additional revenues will not dig Illinois out of its financial hole. When the 2011 tax hike took effect, Illinois had an $8.5 billion backlog of bills. In spite of the fact that more than $18 billion in new revenue has come in, the backlog of bills has only been reduced by $900,000. By the time the 2011 tax hike is set to expire, more than $31 billion will have been taken from the pockets of working families and small businesses. Enough is enough.”


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