Rover Rescue Dog of the Week

What was your favorite show to watch on Tuesday nights while growing up?  I didn’t realize that Happy Days was one of the longest running sitcoms on television, appearing for over 10 years. I loved watching Richie, Potsie, and Ralph the Mouth.  But my favorite character was Pinky Tuscadero!!!  It would not have anything to do with the fact that my name is PINKY, too!  Seriously, who would not want to be named after the former love interest of the Fonz!  Not only do we share the same name, but a lot of the same attitude, also.  We are both feisty, spirited girls who are just way too cool.  But I definitely have my soft side.  I love people and am committed to stay by your side.  I will be hopelessly devoted to you.  I will cuddle with you in the evenings and take long walks with you during the day. I am an 18 month old beautiful Catahoula/Border Collie mix, weighing approximately 50 pounds.  I have the neatest coat of black, gray and white, but what I am best known for is my pink nose.  Shhhh. .. do not tell, but that is really how I got my name.  Pinky Tuscadero and I do differ in one area.  Pinky had her gang of girls called the Pinkettes.  Not me!  I like to go solo.  I am a jealous girl and would prefer not to share your attention with any other canines, especially females.   I believe that I should be your one and only!   I have been told that I am a dare devil.  To prove it, I can jump over a 4 foot fence.  For my safety, I am going to need a backyard with 6 foot fence or a family that will walk me on a leash.  I am housebroken and crate trained.  Aaaayh, if you think I am catch that you are looking for, please call Teri at 630-897-7454.  I would love to spend my nights curled up with you watching your favorite TV shows.   The Happy Days of Pinky:  http://youtu.be/cYJBWw3Vyfk

·   Pinky is 1-2 years old

·   Pinky is up to date with routine shots

·   Pinky has been altered

·   Pinky is housetrained

·   Pinky comes with certificate for free micro-chipping

·   Pinky‘s adoption fee is $200

For a complete list of dogs and puppies available for adoption, please visit our website at http://roverrescue.org/pages/dog_index.htm.


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