Metra To Replace Main Street Station Platform, April 16

Metra commuters will only be able to board or exit from trains at the east ends of both platforms at the Main Street Station starting April 16.

Metra announced that it will begin work to replace the concrete platform at the Main Street Station in Downers Grove.

Work will involve breaking up the old layers of concrete with a jackhammer, hauling them away, and replacing the platform with new concrete.

Starting April 16, construction workers will begin fencing off the west ends of both the inbound and outbound platforms. The work on this part of the platforms is projected to take two to three months.

Once the western portions of the platforms are completed, the east ends of each platform will be closed off and work will begin to replace them. The work planned for the east end will also include the construction of a pedestrian diversion on the east end of each platform at Washington Street, Metra said.

During this first phase, commuters will only be able to board or exit from trains at the east ends of both platforms. The process will be reversed for the second phase when commuters will only have access to the west end of the platforms.

Both at-grade crossings near the station (Main Street and Washington Street) will remain open throughout the project. Re-construction of the platform is expected to wrap up by mid-September. 

On-board announcements advising Downers Grove commuters to prepare for the change in their commuting routines will begin the week of April 7.

Residents are reminded that Federal law requires all trains to sound their horns whenever workers are present.  

Source: Metra

J. Geoff Rove April 10, 2014 at 08:55 PM
"mid-September" ??? You have to be Kidding !! This is a 4 week project at best. This Burns Const. is the slowest bunch, given the length of closures at other stops. Please, get some people out there EVERY DAY to WORK !!!


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