Mariano's to Replace Some Dominick's Stores—But Not Yours

Eleven Dominick's locations have been purchased by Roundy's, the parent company of Mariano's. The Downers Grove location is not on the list.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
Mariano's has swooped in and grabbed several Dominick's locations off the selling block. But the Downers Grove store was not one of them. 

The Chicago Tribune reported Monday that Roundy's, the parent company of Mariano's, has purchased 11 Chicago-area Dominick's locations that were slated to close at the end of December.

Crain's Chicago Business is also reporting the sale.

The 11 Dominick's locations purchased by Roundy's in the $36 million deal announced Monday, according to the Tribune, are:

  • Park Ridge: 1900 S. Cumberland Ave.
  • Western Springs: No. 14 Garden Market St.
  • Chicago: 3145 S. Ashland Ave.
  • Chicago: 2021 W. Chicago Ave.
  • Northfield: 1822 Willow Rd.
  • Westchester: 3020 S. Wolf Rd.
  • Buffalo Grove: 450 Half Day Rd.
  • Chicago: 5201 N. Sheridan Rd.
  • Gurnee: 6655 Grand Ave.
  • Aurora: 3025 E. New York St.
  • Shorewood: 950 Brook Forest Ave.
The Tribune report states that the stores will be converted within one to two months of the deal being finalized, which is expected to occur in mid-December.

There are currently 13 Mariano's locations in the Chicago area, according to the Tribune. Five more are currently under construction.

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Kent Frederick December 03, 2013 at 10:36 AM
I wonder if Mariano's didn't buy the DG Dominick's on Ogden (or for that matter, the Woodridge location on 63rd near I-355 or the Willowbrook location at Route 83 and 63rd), because it's planning to build a store in Westmont, on 63rd west of Cass. Mariano's is buying the Dominick's at 31st and Wolf in Westchester and the Western Springs store (Gilbert and 47th). That's about the same distance as between the future Mariano's in Westmont and the Domnick's stores in Downers Grove and Woodridge. Perhaps it's the fact that both of those Dominick's stores don't have a lot of sales volume. I know that the Western Springs store is always busy, since it's the only grocery store in Western Springs.
J. Geoff Rove December 10, 2013 at 07:58 PM
Mariano's is playing the subsidy game, getting big $$million rebates from Westmont and TIF subsidies in Chicago. As for DG and Woodridge, Safeway chased away regular Dominicks patrons, who have many choices within driving distance. Look out Hedgefund-Jewel, your prices are getting even with Safeway now. And finally, why is gas 20 cents/gal. cheaper at Woodward and 87th ?? Could it be the Costco across the street ??
Kent Frederick December 11, 2013 at 08:33 PM
You can say that DG residents have a lot of choices, but Dominick's and Jewel are are it for the full-service chains, if you don't want to drive more than 10 minutes. It's not like back in the 60s and early 70s, when we had Jewel, A&P, National, and Kroger. Meijer on Boughten has more items than Jewel, but that's a bit of a drive, and it's always busy. Certainly, it's not convenient, when you simply need one item for dinner. Ultra is fine, if you don't mind bagging your own. I'll bag a few things, but I'm no David Letterman, when it comes to bagging a full grocery cart. Is Jewel expensive? Yes. It was overpriced back when Western Springs had a Jewel, an A&P, and a Kroger (which is now the Dominick's being sold to Mariano's). But for me, Jewel has often been the most convenient store and worth the extra cost.


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