Married Minority? Census Shows Slowdown in Couples Tying the Knot

What do you say? The data reveals that married couples make up barely half of all American households.

The segment of the married U.S. population is about 51 percent, a decline of about 6 percent since the last census in 2000.

In Illinois, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates about 52 percent of men, 18 and older, and 47 percent of women, 18 and older, are married.

A societal snapshot

As the Washington Post points out, the data reflects current conditions; meaning people who are unmarried today may not remain single over time.

"(The data) are a byproduct of a steady increase in the median age when people first marry, now at an all-time high of older than 26 for women and almost 29 for men," says the Washington Post.

According to an expert cited in The Huffington Post, the reason is twofold: "The fast-growing older population is more likely to be divorced or widowed later in life, and 20-somethings are putting off their nuptials for longer stretches."

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Mike Sandrolini December 15, 2011 at 02:52 PM
I'm not surprised by these statistics. A lot of my friends are either single moms or dads.
Sandy Kaczmarski December 18, 2011 at 03:46 AM
With the reality shows and 72-day marriages, unfortunately marriage seems to be treated like brief periods of going steady and then just cast off. While it certainly is a choice, and I know many who are in committed relationships, when kids are involved I think statistics show a more stable environment is best. But, of course, a ceremony and piece of paper won't change immaturity or irresponsibility.


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