Tollway Seeks Input on Traffic Noise Study

Tollway updating Traffic Noise Study and Abatement Policy.

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The Illinois Tollway Board of Directors’ Strategic Planning Committee is updating the agency’s Traffic Noise Study and Abatement Policy and inviting public review and comment as part of the process. The public review is part of a new effort by the Tollway to ensure that the interests of those impacted by Tollway policy decisions have been considered.

“We are looking for every opportunity to engage the communities we serve by asking for input and feedback on Tollway policies and procedures that can ultimately affect people’s lives," said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur. “Our policy for mitigating noise along the Tollway system is certainly one that will benefit from broad public input, and we look forward to hearing from our customers and our communities about how to make our noise policy even more effective.”

The revised Traffic Noise Study and Abatement Policy is posted on the Tollway’s website www.illinoistollway.com. Public comments may be provided via email, U.S. mail or in person at the committee meeting and will be posted on the website.

The public comment period will extend through March 7 to allow sufficient time for comment and review and provide Tollway Directors the opportunity to consider public input and make any necessary revisions before the final policy is presented for approval at the next meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee scheduled on April 18.

“Updating the Tollway’s Traffic Noise Study and Abatement Policy is important as we begin to roll out construction projects that are part of the new Move Illinois Capital Program,” said Tollway Director Tom Weisner, chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. “As we begin to implement the new capital program, it is important that we get public input at every step of the process.”

Traffic Noise Study and Abatement Policy

The Illinois Tollway’s Traffic Noise Study and Abatement Policy provides guidelines and procedures for initiating traffic noise studies and considering when traffic noise abatement is feasible and reasonable.

The policy was established in 2000 and last updated in 2005. The proposed revisions reflect updates in state and federal guidelines, as well as changes based on lessons the Tollway learned from implementation of past capital improvement programs.

Additions to the policy include a comprehensive outline of the noise study process that will be conducted, including a review of the project area, selection of noise sensitive receptors, noise monitoring, determination of traffic noise levels and traffic noise management.

In addition, policy revisions establish a public review process for proposed noise abatement solutions and make community support for a noisewall part of the criteria to determine if noise abatement will be provided.

The updated policy also formalizes the opportunity for Tollway cost participation on any locally initiated noisewall projects. The Tollway will consider cost-sharing requests for retrofitting noise abatement on a case-by-case basis in instances where the Tollway was built through an existing neighborhood and the area has not qualified for noisewall construction since that time.


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