Letter: 'I Agree With My Congressman' on Fiscal Cliff Issues

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Congress: Job Half Done?

While it was good to see some solution to the 'fiscal cliff' situation from Congress, does anyone really question that Congress has only completed half of the task before them?  The Obama Administration calls for a 'balanced approach' but only really desired to address increased revenues.  We all know that revenues alone will not solve the problem.

I agree with my Congressman, Peter Roskam of the 6th District, when he calls for curbing 'out of control' spending.  Roskam believes that the only way our economy will rebound is to put in place a strong economic foundation.  That foundation must be built with measurable spending cuts.  Is it unreasonable to think that our federal government is immune to the same budget reviews that American families have been forced to make over the last four years?

Roskam supports tax code reforms to make the system fair for all American families and businesses alike.  He wants to eliminate corporate loopholes and will work across party lines to do it.  Our economy necessitates both revenue and reductions in spending to lay a foundation for a robust recovery.  Preserving the Bush tax cuts for the majority of Americans was a positive step in rebuilding the strength of our economy.  I encourage Congress to avoid partisan bickering and work together to complete the second half of the job: REDUCE SPENDING.

Doug Stickels

Wheaton, IL

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DFL56 January 10, 2013 at 07:53 PM
First half of the job still not done. $600B over 10 years is a drop in the bucket of additional revenue needed. As for reducing spending: number one target is the military.


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