Letter: 'I Like Congressman Peter Roskam'

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The following was submitted by Lisle resident Jeff Gimm in DuPage County Forest Preserve District 2 candidate Don Kirchenberg.

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I like Peter because he is such a likeable man, and he gets my vote.  He has earned it!

He is a younger man who has made his mark during his two terms as Congressman.

  1. He is experienced: 4 years in the House of Representatives as well as various offices in the State of Illinois.
  2. Recognizing his abilities, his peers have appointed him to be the Deputy Whip of the House, the 4th highest ranking position in Congress.
  3. He serves on the important and powerful House Ways & Means Committee.
  4. He is straightforward about problems facing our nation and meets the needs of the country head-on. For example, he is trying to change Medicaire so as to prevent its bankruptcy in aproximately 10 years, without upsetting the program that is already in place for our seniors.
  5. He has worked with both parties to craft a bill to end $60 billion in Medicaire fraud.

That's why I like Peter Roskam.  It is vitally important that he be reelected to the office of United States Congressman.

John Oldenburger

Wheaton, IL

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Tracy October 31, 2012 at 12:42 PM
I do not like Peter Roskam, I used to live in Wheaton and every time I called, 4 or 5 times, to let him know how I felt about issues, he said we would have to agree to disagree. Never have we agreed.
Joseph O'Shaughnessy October 31, 2012 at 09:41 PM
I don't like Peter Roskam. He is a Republican. That used to mean something positive.Today it only identifies Roskam as a liar and obstructionist. Yes, it is harsh...but true. He lied about Obmacare and that concerns me because fully one-third of Americans will be dependent on both Medicare and Social Security to survive at age 65. Right now over half of all Americans are sustained totally or in part by these programs. Roskam is a leader in promoting the Ryan voucher plan to eliminate Medicare and repeal Obamacare. Peter Roskam wants more tax cuts for the rich. As the assistant majority whip, he's one of the ringleaders under John Boehner and an ally of Steve King and Michele Bachmann who have pushed through schemes to prevent job creation. Now of course he boasts (lies) that he wants to suddenly create jobs. He's a Right Winger, a Neo-Fascist--in other words he is aligned with Wall Street, big oil, big pharma, and and corporations who send jobs to China. He's a supporter of ALEC. Who or what is ALEC? It is a Right Wing organization of the American Rifle Association, the Koch Brothers, big casino, and pharmaceutical and health insurance company and big oil money. They have bought Republican legislators in all 50 state legislatures. Their guy here in Illinois is Kirk Dillard, Peter Roskam's buddy. Peter Roskam does not give a damn about you, whether you live in Wheaton or Downers Grove or Naperville or even Oak Brook. Peter Roskam is for Peter Roskam.
DFL56 November 01, 2012 at 12:44 PM
I like Leslie Coolidge! (Oh and I don't like Peter Roskam for all the reasons Mr. O'Shaughnessy outlines above.)


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