Letter: Leslie Coolidge Understands Fiscal Responsibility

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The following was submitted by Lisle resident Jeff Gimm in DuPage County Forest Preserve District 2 candidate Don Kirchenberg.

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A Letter to the Editor:

Why has Peter Roskam refused to debate his challenger, Leslie Coolidge for the IL 6th congressional seat?

Perhaps he can’t defend his record. A record of extreme ideology and partisan gridlock that was harmful to our economic recovery. A record of putting pledges to lobbyists (Grover Norquist) above duty to constituents. 

Peter Roskam voted twice for the “Ryan Budget”. A draconian budget which cuts necessary programs, including veterans’ benefits and FEMA. A budget that expands corporate welfare for Super PAC contributors, oil companies that have seen record profits and companies that send jobs overseas.  A budget that privatizes Medicare, enriching wealthy insurance companies while decreasing seniors’ health care benefits. A budget that the Economic Policy Institute states will destroy another 4.1 million jobs by 2014. A budget that embraces failed “trickle-down” economics.     

Peter Roskam also voted repeatedly to gut funding for the EPA, promoting “free market solutions” to environmental concerns. He voted repeatedly to repeal the “Affordable Care Act” which has finally guaranteed all of us access to health care even if we get sick or have “pre-existing conditions”. The Joint Committee on Taxation informed Congress that repealing the ACA would add $109 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years.

Leslie Coolidge, as a CPA, understands fiscal responsibility. She knows that our economy can only be strengthened from the middle out. She will fight for middle-class jobs and for our crucial social safety nets. Leslie isn’t handcuffed to special interests. (Roskam’s largest contributor is Goldman-Sachs.) It is time to hold Roskam accountable for putting power and party before our people and send an advocate to represent our 6th district in Congress. Leslie Coolidge will be that advocate. For many more reasons to vote for Leslie Coolidge, check her website:www.coolidgeforcongress.com.

Kathryn Franke

Warrenville, IL

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Kent Frederick November 03, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Just something to consider. In watching local television, I've seen a lot of ads in the Biggert/Foster race, the Dold/Schneider race, and the Walsh/Duckworth race. I haven't seen one ad for Roskam or Coolidge. That probably means that both Congressional campaign committees of both parties, as well as the super PACs see this race as non-compeititve and not worth spending any money.


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