Letter to the Editor: Peter Roskam Promotes 'Common Sense Solutions' to Nation's Problems

A Downers Grove resident writes in support of Peter Roskam for Congress.

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The following was submitted by Downers Grove resident David S. Olsen in support of United States Congressman Peter Roskam.

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When I discovered that my home had been placed into the new 6th Congressional District, I was thrilled to also discover Peter Roskam was running to represent my new district in the U.S. House. Rep. Roskam is already an effective leader in Congress, and will continue to promote common-sense solutions to the many challenges our nation faces.  

Rep. Roskam recognizes small businesses are key to economic growth and prosperity. That’s why he is promoting tax policies which create incentives for small business to grow and prosper. Additionally, Rep. Roskam has advocated for a more efficient regulatory structure to ensure a level playing field for small businesses without the burden of uncertainty about new regulations, which has stunted hiring over the past few years.

Additionally, Rep. Roskam recognizes that out-of-control government spending and the enormous federal deficit pose a grave threat to our future. He is ready to work with Republicans and Democrats alike to restore fiscal responsibility to our nation and make the difficult decisions that will allow this country to prosper for the long-term.

Peter Roskam has the experience and knowledge we need to ensure effective solutions in Washington that create jobs, reduce the deficit, and ensure economic growth for our nation. I encourage all voters in the 6th Congressional District to join me in supporting Peter Roskam for U.S. Congress in the upcoming election.

David S. Olsen

Downers Grove, IL

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Dan F. October 18, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Also named Best of Congress, again, by Working Mother Monthly! http://www.workingmother.com/special-reports/2012-best-congress-profiles His opponent still refuses to explain her involvement in, or ignorance of, the pervasive criminal activities where she worked, a Partner at KPMG, setting up illegal tax shelters for wealthy clients.
DFL56 October 18, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Wow! Roskam is going to 'reduce the deficit'? He must be against the Romney tax plan then. Good for him.


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