Letter to the Editor: Roskam Misuses Franking Privilege

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The following was submitted by Wheaton resident Karen Morby.

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To the editor:

I’ve just received another  big full color campaign piece from Rep. Roskam sent under his signature or franking privilege.  This means he is sending out campaign literature paying no postage.  Franking was established to allow congress to communicate with constituents on legislative issues.  These are campaign pieces and specifically not included under franking.

Rep. Roskam is very concerned with government not overstepping its bounds. I think asking the Post Office to finance your campaign with free mail is doing just that.

Thank You,

Karen Morby


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J. Geoff Rove September 01, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Biggert is just as bad, using all the Fox-Koch talking points in her mailings paid by tax payers.


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