Please Motivate Me To Spring Clean!

Why, oh why, do we have to spring clean?

Last week, I was so busy bragging about my  that I glazed right over the fact that last week was National Spring Cleaning Week. Given my penchant for I guess there's no better time to write about it then now. 

As you may have guessed, I am not that big of a fan of spring cleaning. I know there are some people that totally get into it and have all kinds of systems and methods in place to get their cleaning done. Trust me -- I would love to be that kind of person. But I just can't make it happen.  I do it because I know it isn't socially acceptable to live in filth. I just can't excited about it.

So I hit up the Internet to see what sage advice and information was out there to get me motivated:

  • According to this article, if your house were truly cleaned and organized all the time, you would save four weeks a year from looking for things.  You would know where everything was. That's a month. I'm not sure if I'm buying it, but it would take me that long to clean and get organized before I could see if it was true.
  • I did find a battle plan for cleaning. I especially like step number five, which is rewarding yourself with a dessert, movie or take-out for a job well done at the end of the day. Hmmmm....maybe I will start with number five and work backward.
  • According to this survey, your cleaning habits come from your mother. More then 80 percent of moms teach their daughters how to clean, and 50 percent still call their mothers for cleaning advice.
  • A couple years ago I stumbled upon the Holy Grail of cleaning and organizing: FlyLady.net. When you look at the site, it is completely overwhelming. I did give it a try. They ease you into it with 31 baby steps  to get started.  The first thing they teach you is to make sure that before you go to bed, you make sure your kitchen sink is clean and shiny. According to the site, a shiny sink is a reflection of the love that you have for yourself. Hmm. I quit after day two when they said as soon as you wake up, shower and get completely dressed -- including your shoes on -- before starting your day. Really? That would take all the fun out of embarrassing my kids by driving them to school in my pajamas and bed head. But honestly - they do have great ideas about cleaning!
  • This article stresses the importance of cleaning out your email inbox. Yikes. I have 2,138 messages in my inbox and about 900 or so are unread. The article reveals that 56 percent of people admitted to holding on to emails for three weeks or longer, and of that, 31 percent held on to them for up to a year or more. The biggest shocker? Sixty million Americans suffer from email hoarding!

After all this research,  I've decided I am so moving to the UK! According to this survey , only 14 percent of UK residents partake in spring cleaning. That is my kind of country! That's compared to 72 percent here in the states. I better buy my dress for the Royal Wedding now!

Suzanne Flynn March 28, 2011 at 10:05 PM
You crack me up!! Love the article and your comments!! Thanks for some great information and laughs along the way!


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