Address Missed for Craigslist Tryst

Mom's purse migrates to the closet and spitting on the sidewalk might wipe out another crime, in this week's list un-sensational blotter items.

Address Mixup Delivering the Male

ELMHURST, April 19—A woman was alarmed and called police after a man came to her door at 1:06 p.m. looking for someone to have sex with. The man told police he went to the woman’s home to follow up on a Craigslist posting by a woman who wanted to have sex. Turns out he had the wrong address. An investigation is pending.

Leave a Tip for Housekeeping, They Deserve It

ELMHURST, April 15—Staff at Clarion Inn Hotel, 933 S. Riverside, reported that a guest of the hotel severely damaged her room between 2:44 p.m. April 15 and 2 p.m. April 16. The staff reported that an iron and a clock were stolen. The room also had a strong odor of burnt cannabis and was smoke-damaged. The mattress and bed sheets sustained damage from “heavy urination,” and the mattress “had to be cleaned, bleached and aired out,” reports said. Damage was estimated at $410. The guest was contacted and said she will make payments to the hotel.

Maybe the Dog Moved It, if There's a Dog

LA GRANGE, April 14—A woman told police at about 7:52 a.m. that her purse was missing and she thought someone came into her house. She later reported finding the purse in her son’s closet.

Unseam, Darn Thief Bolts with Machine

ST. CHARLES, April 14—A tan, Baby Lock “Crafter’s Choice” computer-based, tabletop sewing machine went missing from the family consumer classroom at Haines Middle School sometime between April 1-13. The teacher who reported the item missing said it went unnoticed because the thief left behind the cover. An e-mail was sent out to teachers and staff asking if anyone had borrowed it, but no one responded. The machine was valued at $2,500.

Pavement Picasso Produces Profanity

WESTERN SPRINGS, April 13—Someone spray-painted obscenities on a public sidewalk at the corner of Western Avenue and Maple Street.


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