Bomb Threat at Old Quarry Result of Wrong Number

School was placed under “soft lockdown” while police and school officials investigated an alleged bomb threat texted to an Old Quarry student’s phone. Police determined the text was sent to the wrong number and referred to an incident in DuPage County.

Old Quarry Middle School was under a “soft lockdown” Thursday morning in cooperation with the Lemont Police Department, after the school received information that a student received a text on her phone Wednesday, stating there was a bomb threat at her school.

The student did not receive the text until after school because her phone was at home. After interviewing the student and parent, police and school officials determined the text was the result of a wrong number  from a parent in DuPage County near Medina.

Police confirmed  reports of bomb threats at schools in the Medina area and in Cook County yesterday, and that there is a person being questioned about those incidents.

Based on information obtained by local police, there was no threat to Old Quarry Middle School or any students at the school.

In a press release this morning, Old Quarry Middle School Principal William Caron explained the school  went into a soft lock down in cooperation with the police department to be sure students were safe as the police confirmed the information regarding the errant text.

“A soft lock down is one in which we keep students in class while the police department and our school team determine that our students and the building are safe,” Caron said in the release. “We were in this lockdown for approximately 15 minutes. At all times the students at Old Quarry were safe and at no time did we believe they were in danger. Plans and procedures were followed and the Lemont Police and Cook County Police were very professional and concerned for our students’ safety.”

Caron said after the incident Thursday morning, students were released to their second-period class and staff were provided information regarding the incident.

“Staff will tell our students that the lock down was to ensure their safety while the police department and school investigated a potential threat to our school,” Caron said. “I am very proud of our students’ conduct and cooperation during the lock down. We will always put our students’ safety first and work collaboratively with the police when situations like this occur.”

Editor’s note: The information above is from a press release from Old Quarry Middle School. Watch Lemont Patch today for updates on this story.

Story Updated at 11:30 a.m.:

Police Chief Kevin Shaughnessy said Lemont police were called to Old Quarry Middle School when the school was opening Thursday morning – and immediately contacted the Cook County Bomb Squad.

“Anytime there is a bomb threat at a school, the protocol accepted nationally is to keep the children in place, a search is made for any suspicious packages or anything suspicious, and if anything is found, the children are immediately evacuated,” Shaughnessy said.

“Cook County brought in its K-9 unit, but our detectives started investigating and found out the threat was unfounded, so even though the bomb squad was ready to search, it was not needed. There was never any threat to the students.”

Shaughnessy said Lemont detectives determined the text messages had been sent in error from a mother in DuPage County who was attempting to communicate with her daughter about bomb threats at her school.

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, the Roselle Police Department, DuPage County Sheriff’s police and other departments were called to Lake Park High School East campus at 600 S. Medinah Road in Roselle to investigate a series of bomb threats at the school on Wednesday. According to the Tribune’s report, no explosive were found -- and police are continuing to investigate the alleged incident. Bomb threats were also reported yesterday at Hoffman Estates High School. 

To read a letter from administrators at Lake Park High School sent to students and parents regarding bomb threats at the school, click here.

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