Bail Set at $1 Million for Each of 3 Men Accused of Robbing Radio Shack

The three men allegedly pepper-sprayed an employee and a customer before grabbing cell phones and hopping into a getaway car. The alleged "brazen criminal behavior" will not be tolerated in DuPage County, said State's Attorney Robert Berlin.

B.L. O. Jones, 19, of 1415 Latrobe in Chicago | Credit: Downers Grove Police
B.L. O. Jones, 19, of 1415 Latrobe in Chicago | Credit: Downers Grove Police

Bail for three men accused of robbing an Downers Grove Radio Shack Dec. 11 has been set at $1 million, as announced Friday by Downers Grove Police Chief Robert Porter and DuPage County State's Attorney Robert Berlin.

The men, Carlos Brown, 20, of 6311 Wells Street, Downers Grove, BL Jones, 19 of 1415 N. Latrobe, Chicago and Brandon Jones, 19 of 2632 Forest Drive, Woodridge, appeared in court Friday morning, where Judge Elizabeth Sexton set bail at $1 million with 10 percent to apply for each of the men. 

All three men have been charged with two counts of Armed Robbery, a Class X Felony. Because the crime was allegedly committed with a firearm, all three men are eligible for a 15-year extended-term add on.

On Dec. 11, Brandon Jones and Brown allegedly entered the Radio Shack, located at 75th Street and Lemont Road, while BL Jones remained in their vehicle. Once inside the store, it is alleged that Brandon Jones then pulled out a loaded gun and pointed it at the store clerk. It is further alleged that the men forced the clerk at gunpoint to open a cage containing cell phones. It is alleged that the two men then took approximately 15 phones and left the store. The two men allegedly then got into the vehicle in which BL Jones was waiting and drove away. Through the help of witnesses, Downers Grove police officers were able to spot the vehicle on the road. After a chase, police officers were able to stop the vehicle on Route 59 near Ferry Road. It is alleged that once stopped, Brandon Jones and Brown fled the vehicle while BL Jones remained and was taken into custody. After a brief foot chase, Brandon Jones and Brown were also taken into custody.

"The allegations against these three men are outrageous,” Berlin said. “This type of brazen criminal behavior will not be tolerated in DuPage County and will be met with the full force of the law. I would like to thank all of the agencies involved in this case, particularly Officer Jim Minett of the Downers Grove Police Department, for their outstanding cooperative efforts in apprehending these three men. I would also like to thank Assistant State’s Attorney Romas Mockaitis for his extended efforts on this case these past few days.”

"I am extremely proud of the phenomenal team work exhibited by the members of our Police Department on all levels,” Porter said. “This was an extremely dangerous situation that resulted in the successful apprehension of three extremely dangerous subjects. I would also like to thank the States Attorney's Office and the various agencies that assisted.”

The next court date for Brown and BL Jones is scheduled for December 23. Brandon Jones’ next court appearance is scheduled for December 31.

Members of the public are reminded that this complaint contains only charges and is not proof of the defendants’ guilt.  A defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial in which it is the government’s burden to prove his or her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

J. Geoff Rove December 13, 2013 at 08:04 PM
At least there were 2 fire stations nearby in case of a fire. Face it, 19th Century public safety models don't work now. Without the citizen noticing the activity they would have gotten away. I bet the VFW was well policed.
Rich December 13, 2013 at 10:11 PM
Of course Rove always has a negative spin.
Ty December 15, 2013 at 02:45 PM
Nothing to complain about here Rove. Sounds like the DGPD did what they were supposed to do. I believe we have come a long way from 19th century policing which would put us on horseback. Without the public's assistance and modern communications these losers might never have been caught. Way to get involved public, we need more of that. Can't wait for conceal carry cause maybe these idiots would have been shot instead and we wouldn't have to support them in prison the next few years.
J. Geoff Rove December 15, 2013 at 05:22 PM
I bet the staff in the adjoining barber and spa shops would have been thrilled for the conceal carry crowd to open up in the store or on the sidewalk. For the adults reading, check: http://sunnyvale.ca.gov/Departments/PublicSafety/DPSDivisions/Fire.aspx "The Fire Services Bureau at the Department of Public Safety is a proud part of the Public Safety tradition in the City. With 6 Stations and 12 frontline pieces of apparatus, the Bureau is fully staffed and prepared for any emergency. Fire based personnel are fully trained and ready to respond to any emergency or community needs.... Each piece of apparatus is staffed with two persons in Sunnyvale, with additional staffing coming from the ranks of on-duty Patrol officers. In Addition, off-duty Public Safety Officers can respond to an emergency to further enhance staff needs."


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