Confrontation in Good Sam Parking Lot Comes to Spit

One man claims another spit on the hood of his car after the two argued Wednesday outside Good Samaritan Hospital.

Two men got into a confrontation in the Good Samaritan Hospital parking lot Wednesday morning that resulted in allegations of spitting and threats with rocks, said. 

One of the men was stopped on the north side of the lot waiting for a spot to open up when the other man pulled up beside him and started yelling obscenities, police said. 

As the man waiting for a spot tried to explain what he was doing, police said the other man spit on the hood of his car before driving away. The man followed the alleged spitter into another part of the lot to try talking to him, but police said the other man walked away while taking a picture of the first man’s license plate.

Once he got across the street, the second man picked up a rock, spread his arms and said, “Let’s go,” before walking into the hospital, according to police.

When police confronted the second man, he said it was difficult to drive through the lot because the first man was blocking the aisle. He told police that the first man became verbally abusive when he asked him to move. He said that while he did take a picture of the first man’s car, he did not spit on it, the report said. 

The first man began yelling at him, he said, so he raised his arms but did not pick up a rock, according to the report. 

Police told the men to “exercise more restraint and make better decisions in the future.” No charges were filed.


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