Downers Grove Man Accused of Impersonating U.S. Marshal Following Arrest at Lisle Bank (Updated 12:19 p.m.)

John C. Campbell is charged with forgery and false impersonation, among other counts.

The arrested a Downers Grove resident who is accused of evading law enforcement in Florida, as well as multiple counts of forgery and false impersonation in DuPage County.

Officers arrested John C. Campbell, 29, on Nov. 28 at , 1026 Ogden Ave., after they were alerted that he was attempting to open an account with false identification. Campbell also has an outstanding warrant from Hernando County, Fla., for larceny.

According to the report, Campbell "advised [the police department] that he was a United States Marshall and also worked for Homeland Security.  Further investigation revealed that Campbell was not a U.S. Marshal and did not work for Homeland Security. During a consent search of Campbell’s hotel room, officers discovered a variety of items that he was using to represent himself as a United States Marshal," according to the report. Confiscated items included a false U.S. Marshals badge, two starter pistols, and a variety of other law enforcement equipment props. 

Campbell is charged with three counts of false impersonation of a peace officer, forgery, attempted deceptive practice, unlawful use of a weapon, obstructing identification and being a fugitive from justice.



UPDATED: 12:19 p.m.

Campbell attempted to establish the bank account with a $3.5 million check, and allegedly used forged documents to purchase a vehicle from , according a report from the Daily Herald. The Daily Herald report states his bail is set at $200,000.


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