Downers Grove Police Offer Prescription Drug Disposal Program

Residents can safely dispose of old prescription drugs through a newly launched program with Downers Grove police.

The Downers Grove Police Department is launching a new program for residents seeking to safely dispose of old prescription medications. 

Downers Grove residents may contact the Downers Grove Police Department Crime Prevention Unit and make an appointment to bring the drugs to be disposed of into the police department for disposal. Residents may also request an appointment for a Crime Prevention Officer to come to their home to collect the medications. 

Improper disposal of medications can pollute drinking water with toxic chemicals. Storing unused medications can pose other safety issues. It is estimated that each day 2,500 teenagers get high for the first time on unused drugs they find in medicine cabinets at home or at their grandparents’ home. There are also incidents of accidental ingestion of these medications by children, the elderly or pets.

The medications will subsequently be disposed of in accordance to the protocol followed for disposing of drugs being held in evidence. The method used is safe, will not threaten the drinking water, and eliminates the availability of the medications in our resident’s homes.

Anyone interested in participating in this program must make an appointment by contacting Crime Prevention Specialist Mary Wennerstrom at (630) 434-5681 or mwennerstrom@downers.us.



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