Elderly Woman Thwarts Jamaican Phone Scam

89-year-old woman knew the multiple phone calls saying she won money or a white Mercedes were all scams, cops say.

An 89-year-old woman who says she has been recently receiving numerous harassing phone calls on her land line, called police when a man said he was coming with her lottery winnings, reports said.

According to the report, the caller states that she has either won a white Mercedes, $5 million or the Mega Millions Lottery. Police said the woman is aware that these are all phone scams.

At around 9:39 a.m. April 10, the male caller told the elderly woman be would be right over with her lottery winnings, so she decided it was time to contact police.

Police said the woman’s caller ID showed a phone number from Kingston, Jamaica. Police assured the woman that the scammers were just trying to get personal financial information, and that she was safe in her home.


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