Four Suspects Arrested in Connection with Home Burglaries in Downers Grove

Michael H. Peterson, 24, of Downers Grove; Michael A. Sauer, 24, of Worth; and Kamila Burczyc, 23, of Worth, were arrested Friday after reports of a residential burglary in the 5500 block of Lyman Avenue.

arrested four suspects last week in connection with the recent rash of residential burglaries throughout the village.

Police were called around 1:56 p.m. Friday to the 5500 block of Lyman Avenue, where two citizens reported multiple people attempting to gain entry to a residence. Police on patrol nearby quickly apprehended the individuals, according to Downers Grove Police Chief Robert A. Porter.

Michael A. Sauer, 24, of Worth, was charged with one count of felony residential burglary; Michael H. Peterson, 24, of Downers Grove, was arrested on a no bond felony arrest warrant; and Kamila Burczyc, 23, of Worth, was charged with felony residential burglary in connection to a burglary that occurred in another town, police said.

One other suspect was released without charges, according to a release. The other three individuals were transported to the DuPage County Jail.

Porter said the individuals are linked to several residential burglaries throughout Downers Grove, as well as a number of other communities. Additional charges are pending, as the investigation is ongoing, he said.

The Downers Grove Police Department issued a community alert on Aug. 31, cautioning residents about a across the village. Residents were urged to be aware of any person(s) that may appear at their door asking for someone that does not live there, asking for directions, or stating that they used to live at their residence. 

"The main thing we want is for people to call if they notice any suspicious activity," Downers Grove Police Sgt. Harry Andler said earlier this month. "We're stepping up patrols to increase police presence, but we need the community to be on the lookout as well."

According to Porter, Friday's attempted burglary was reported by two citizens who saw the community alert last month. He thanked the Downers Grove community for their assistance on the case.

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Capt Midnight September 12, 2012 at 12:19 AM
Sorry, but I don't understand all the kudos to the DGPD for this episode, these thiefs were running around since June and it wasn't until the cops asked the public for help that 2 days later they are caught. I know the DGPD will say they are undermanned and all that, but until I no longer see cop cars parked in the corner of a parking lot looking at the internet, hiding along side a sidestreet with their radar gun, or 2 cars sitting side by side and chatting for prolonged periods of time, that argument is hard to buy
Truth 2 Search September 12, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Just a guess again, but Meth addiction may again be involved. Meth addicts become slaves to earn their 'keep'. And working 20- 24 hours a day to support their addiction does not deter them.
Peter Haber September 12, 2012 at 03:30 AM
Stay classy Captain Midnight. Ever heard of "community policing"? Sometimes, the people that we entrust to uphold laws, need help themselves. I have also seen some of the same things you describe, but, you should be happy at this point that these punks were caught. Just curious, how much of your "talents" did you lend since June trying to apprehend these criminals? Yeah, I thought so.....ZERO.
Capt Midnight September 12, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Peter, Yes, I am very familar with "Community Policing", and I also think it would be best of you to not answer your own accusations against me when you have no idea of my involvement
Cynthia September 15, 2012 at 04:05 PM
The Mayors house was one of the houses these people broke into. That is why police were working so hard.


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