How Many in Downers Grove Have Been Caught Talking and Driving?

Downers Grove drivers are reminded to go hands-free, as the state's new law requires.

“On the road, off the phone.”

That’s what signage is flashing on expressways all across Illinois to remind drivers to get off their cell phone (unless they're using a hands-free device).

The cell phone ban law went into effect on Jan. 1 and prohibits the use of all hand-held devices while driving. Previously, drivers were only not able to talk on their phones while in school or construction zones. 

Gabbing or texting while driving can be a tough habit to break, and Downers Grove police were willing to give residents a little time to adjust.

But a two-week grace period allowing a little leeway on the state's new cell phone law has expired, and police will now ticket when necessary.

Bond for the offense is $120. The fine is graduated depending on number of offenses. First time offenders pay $75; second offense results in a $100 fine. Third offense, $125, and fourth offense $150.

During the grace period, officers issued one citation and three warnings, according to Lt. Michael Willison. 


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