Grove Fest Ticket Booth Damaged

Two homeless men charged with public urination near Fairview train station.

The following incidents and arrests were reported by the Downers Grove Police Department:

Public urination charges for homeless men

  • James M. Lindberg, 59, was charged with unrinating in public after police were called to the Fairview depot, 5099 Fairview Ave., June 24 by a witness. Police identified Lindberg,who was taken to the station, charged and released.
  • George F. Chapp, 52, was charged after an officer saw him urinating on a tree near the Fairview Avenue train tracks at 4:20 p.m. June 25. The officer was watching several people in the area as a result of numerous complaints to the village of public drinking, urinating and fighting in the area when Chapp walked up to a tree and urinated. In response to being told he was being charged, Chapp told the officer, “When ya gotta go, ya gotta go”.

Car side mirror shattered

A condominium resident in the 4200 block of Saratoga Avenue reported the side mirror of his car had been shattered between 6 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. June 25. The resident believed the damage occurred in the parking lot, but police did not see broken pieces of the mirror on the ground.

Grove Fest ticket booth damaged

A window of a GroveFest ticket booth near Warren Avenue and Main Street was shattered between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. June 26. An overnight security guard found the damaged booth while patrolling the area. According to the police report, there was a punch hole in the middle of the window and drops of blood inside the booth and on the ground, but it was not known if there was a fight near the window or if someone punched the glass. Nothing appeared to be missing from inside the booth and police did not find anyone in the area.

Wallet, CDs taken from car

Two cars were entered on Washington Street on June 26, likely by the same person, police said. A resident in the 4500 block reported his car was entered between 1 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. He found the driver’s side door ajar and it appeared someone had gone through the center console. The resident said he thought the car was locked, but there were no signs of forced entry and nothing was missing from the car.

As the officer was leaving that residence, he was dispatched to the 4300 block of Washington Street and a resident reported his unlocked car was entered between 9 p.m. June 25 and 8 a.m. June 26. His wallet and CDs valued at $40 were taken from the car. He found the wallet and its contents scattered along the street, but nothing was missing.

Car keyed at apartment complex

A car’s paint was damaged in a parking lot of Bristol Club Apartments, 5620 Walnut Ave., between 11 p.m. June 25 and 10 a.m. June 26. The car was keyed on the driver’s side from the front door to the rear fender, causing an estimated $500 in damage.

Cars entered, sprayed with body glitter

Three cars were entered at a residence in the 4500 block of Highland Avenue between 9 p.m. June 25 and 9 a.m. June 26. The owner found doors on the cars ajar and glove boxes and center consoles open, but nothing missing. Police said change in one of the cars was left untouched, while the hood of another car was left ajar and body glitter had been sprayed on the window. The owner said only one car was unlocked. Police are unsure how the other two cars were entered.

Glass pipe found in car

Patrick W. Konini, 20, of Downers Grove was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding and not having insurance after being pulled over for speeding on 63rd Street near Woodward Avenue at 1 a.m. June 27. An officer traveling east on 63rd clocked Konecny’s car and a second car traveling 61 mph in a 40 mph zone westbound on 63rd Street. The officer followed the cars and pulled over Konecny, who could not produce an insurance card. When told he was speeding, Konecny said he didn’t know he was going that fast, that he was just keeping up with the other car. Police found a glass pipe in the center console during a search of the car and Konecny was taken to the police station.

Patch reports on law enforcement activity in our town, using information provided by official agencies. Persons charged with a crime or issued a citation for violation of a local ordinance are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you or a family member are charged with a crime or cited for a violation and the charge or citation is subsequently adjudicated, we encourage you to notify the editor of this Patch at elaine@Patch.com so we can follow up on the case.

Tony Cesare June 28, 2011 at 07:35 PM
If they were so inclined, the DGPD could station officers near the Fairview station and write tickets for public intoxication, urination and general piss (pun) poor behavior all day every day.


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