Man Charged After Stiffing Cabbie for $67 Fare, Cops Say

Downers Grove man had cab driver take him to Bolingbrook and back. Yelled at father not to let cops into house because "they have no warrant," police say.

A Downers Grove man was charged with theft of services after he stiffed a cab driver on a round trip fare to Bolingbrook, reports said.

Police responded to the 5200 block of Blodgett Avenue around 6:50 a.m. May 5. According to the report, the cab driver believed his passenger was “on drugs” and “acting strangely.”

The cabbie told police he picked up a man identified as Curt V. Cleveland, 43, at his Blodgett Street residence around 5:55 a.m.

Cleveland instructed the driver to take him to Bolingbrook but would not give an address. Instead, Cleveland would give the driver turn-by-turn directions, reports said.

While en route, Cleveland asked the driver to stop at the 7-Eleven at Belmont and Maple so he could use the ATM. The cabbie then drove him to an apartment complex in Bolingbrook.

As he waited for Cleveland to return, he watched Cleveland exchange money with a black male in return for an unknown item, police said.

Cleveland returned to the cab and the driver drove him back to Blodgett Avenue in Downers Grove. When they arrived at their destination, police said Cleveland handed the driver $30 for the $67 fare. He told the cabbie that he had to go inside and get the rest of the money from his father, reports said.

A few minutes later Cleveland returned. He allegedly told the driver his father did not have money for the rest of the fare. He tried using his credit card for the remaining $37, but the card was declined.

As officers spoke to Cleveland and the cabbie, police said Cleveland became increasingly agitated. He told police his dad was inside the house getting dressed and would be outside shortly, reports said.

Police said Cleveland then attempted to run back inside, screaming, “Dad, they don’t have a warrant. Don’t let them inside the house.”

Cleveland was placed under arrest and put into the back of a squad car. His father came out and told officers that his checking account was overdrawn by $500 and did not have the rest of the money for his son’s fare, police said.

The cab driver pressed charges, telling police that he is an independent contractor and would not be reimbursed by the company.

Cleveland was charged with theft of labor. He was taken to the Downers Grove police station and released on an I-bond.

He has a July 2 court date at the Wheaton Court House. 

Ron Spin May 13, 2014 at 12:11 PM
They should have kept that scumbag in jail under numerous charges, such as Purchasing drugs -from the one guy he brought something from? and for plain arbitrariness, besides the cost and wear and tear of the cabbies vehicle driving the slump back and forth from Bolingbrook, even for stopping at a 7-11 for the as##$#%%le. This no goodnik needs to be paper whipped on Main Street and covered in hor#%$^%^%^it for a week.


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