Man With Bag Full of Razors Banned from All Walgreens

Police say assistant manager was familiar with subject because he’s seen him at other stores where he works.

An assistant manager filed a delayed report about a man who has reportedly lurked about various Walgreen’s stores in the Downers Grove area.

According to the report, a man in his early 20s entered the Walgreens at 1000 Ogden Ave., around 8:30 a.m. April 20, who was not allowed in the store. The assistant manager told police he saw the man standing in the electronics aisle , with a red bag at his feet.

The man denied ownership of the bag and would not tell the assistant manager his name, police said.

After telling the man that he was banned from all Walgreens store, he said he understood and left the store without incident. When the assistant manager looked inside the bag, he discovered that it was full of razors all from his store. 

Police said the assistant manager was familiar with the man because he’s seen him at other stores where he works.

The subject is described as a male white, brown hair, glasses and a goatee, with a nose piercing in his right nostril and a tattoo on his neck, reports said.

Police told the assistant manager to call them if they spot the man again at any Walgreens store from where he’s been banned.


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