OMG PD: Unwanted Hugs, Sushi Shoves, Loose Moose

A roundup of the more unusual items from area police blotters.


Hug Request Turns Nasty

John K. Schlachter, 58, of the 700 block of Liberty Drive in Wheaton, was arrested around 5:16 p.m. at the Main Street train depot, 1000 Burlington Ave., police said.

The victim told police he was at the train depot with his girlfriend when Schlachter entered and said, "Hey, give me a hug," then proceeded to hug the girlfriend, according to reports.

The victim became upset, and asked Schlachter to leave his girlfriend alone, police said. Schlachter reportedly began yelling racial slurs at the victim, prompting a back-and-forth exchange between the two men.

Schlachter then took a long, silver object from his bag and began waving it in a circle, telling the other man, "... this will mess you up good," according to reports. The victim was alarmed by Schlachter's behavior, so he called the police.

Read the rest of the story at Downers Grove Patch.


Sushi Comes to Shoves

Police responded at 1 a.m. to an argument between two people at Wok'n Fire that resulted in one subject pushing the other, police said. The victim did not sign a complaint, so no charges were filed.


Home TP'd

A resident in the 3800 block of Vardon Court told police that unknown people put toilet paper and feminine hygiene products throughout the yard of the home. The incident occurred at about 8 p.m. 


There's No Stopping Him

Gregory Doyle, 47, of the 6800 block of Didrikson in Woodridge, was charged with obstructing a peace officer, assault, disobeying a stop sign and failure to yield for an emergency vehicle.  

Police said Doyle ran a stop sign at the intersection of Greene Road and Green Trails, but that Doyle didn't immediately stop. 

Instead, Doyle continued driving to his home, which was a few block away, police said.

"He failed to follow the officers verbal commands and made threatening statement to the officer," according to the police result.

Because of the verbal threat, Doyle was also charged with obstructing a peace officer and assult. 


Moose on the Loose

The woman who had previously complained about having photos taken of her at BEDS returned to complain again at 9:48 a.m. She previously complained about a “loose bear;” now she talked about “bears and moose running wild.”

nlt February 05, 2013 at 07:04 PM
Regarding the "bears and moose running wild"... I am getting the impression this lady in BEDS is suffering from a mental disability. I feel the things she has been saying do not belong in the police section of the Patch. It is not a crime to have mental illness. The brain is an organ just like the heart. Right now, BEDS is her home.


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