POLICE BLOTTER: IRS Phone Scam, Vacuums Cleaned Out

Downers Grove police reports, April 6 through April 9.


Resident's Told He’s Wanted for Tax Evasion

A resident filed a report at the Downers Grove Police station around 11 a.m. claiming he’s received several suspicious phone calls possibly involving an illegal scam.

For the past several weeks, the resident said he received multiple phone calls from the 202-area code in Washington, D.C.

The caller, a male with an Indian accent, told the resident records showed he evaded paying taxes in 2010 and 2011, and that the IRS has now issued a warrant for his arrest for tax evasion.

Police said the resident reported having no problems with the IRS.


Shoplifter Cleans Out Vacuums

Police responded to a retail theft in progress at Kohl’s, 2920 Finley Road, around 4:19 p.m. While en route to the store, the officer was advised that a white male had left the store with two vacuum cleaners.

The suspect was spotted entering a dark blue Chevy Suburban that was last seen traveling northbound down Finely Road. Lombard Police were also notified.

The loss prevention officer told police that she watched the suspect over the store’s surveillance cameras removing two vacuum cleaners off the shelf valued at $729 each.

The alleged shoplifter left the store without paying for the items, activating the security alarm. He entered the blue Chevy Suburban that was waiting for him in the north parking lot.

The 40-ish white male was about six feet tall with a medium build, and wearing a dark baseball cap, long-sleeved green shirt, blue jeans and tan work boots.

Police say the suspect wore glass and appeared to have stubble or possibly a light beard. He was in the store approximately ten minutes, according to the video’s time stamp.


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