Police: Put Down the Cell Phone, It's the Law

Downers Grove police remind residents that drivers wanting to chat on a cell phone must go hands-free.

Downers Grove police are reminding residents of a new law that prohibits drivers from using hand-held cell phone devices while behind the wheel.

Beginning Jan. 1, anyone using a cell phone while driving must use a hands-free device. This is in addition to the prohibition against using any electronic device to compose, send, or read an electronic message (texting).

"Because protecting public safety is at the heart of our mission, the Downers Grove Police Department has joined thousands of other state and local law enforcement agencies in educating the public about this change in the law. Officers will begin enforcement of this revision to the cell phone law immediately," according to a release from the department.

Please remember that when you are talking on a cell phone—whether it is hands-free or not—you are four times more likely to crash, according to a release from the department. When you text while driving, you are 23 times more likely to crash. A cell phone conversation poses a significant distraction to the task of driving. Please consider the potential results of being distracted while driving—choose to stay safe; make the phone call when you are not operating a vehicle.

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