Punks Give Store Clerk Hard Time, Attempted Store Burglary

Downers Grove police reports, May 26-27.


Punks Give Clerk A Hard Time

Three males in their late teens gave a store clerk a hard time when she refused to sell them cigarettes because they did not have ID, police said.

The store clerk told police the teens entered the gas station mini-mart in the 2100 block of 63rd Street around 1:20 a.m. One of the teens started arguing with her when she would not sell him cigarettes and left the store.

Moments later, the clerk noticed an arm through the window, where the teens were sitting outside the window, where a case of water was located.

The clerk walked outside where she saw the three sitting outside the building. The teen who had argued with her stood up and asked, “what?”

She replied, “nothing.” Another teen implored her again to sell them cigarettes without ID. She refused.

The clerk went back into the store and called police. By the time officers arrived, the teens had left the scene. The case of water was also missing.

She did not wish to file a complaint for the missing water, but said she wanted to press charges instead for criminal trespassing.

Police searched the area but could not locate the teens.


Attempted Store Burglary

Employees at Caputo’s at 42 Ogden Ave. reported that someone tried to break into the store currently under construction sometime before 8:51 p.m.

According to the report, an employee notified a supervisor that the rear door on the loading dock was found unsecured that morning.

A security camera video reveals three suspects pulling the magnets apart on the door, then opening it from the outside. Employees told police that when the door is open after hours, an audible alarm goes off.

The security video showed the suspects opening the door and quickly leaving.


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