Weed Found in Man's Shoe After Downers Grove Traffic Arrest: Police

Downers Grove police reports, Sept. 16

Patch file art.
Patch file art.

A 55-year-old man was cited after a Downers Grove officer found a small bag of green stuff in his shoe, according to a report.

Jessie R. Hicks, of the 3600 block of Brookmeade, Memphis, Tenn., was cited Sept. 16 for possession of cannabis under 10 grams and driving while license revoked. Hicks was arrested after police inquired about the use of a handicap placard in a parking space on Washington just north of Curtiss, according to a report.

"When returned to the PD to issue Hicks his citation, (an officer) informed me he located a small bag of a green leafy substance in Hicks' shoe," the report said.

Hicks made a voluntarily comment about the substance that was redacted in the police report provided to media. The package came in at slightly over 4 grams.

An officer was on patrol at 4:28 p.m. when he saw Hicks smoking a cigarette behind a white Toyota in a handicap parking space on Washington.

"I passed by and circled the block only to notice Hicks was now sitting in the driver's seat of the vehicle," the report said. "I pulled behind the Toyota and requested to see the handicap placard hanging in the window as I was suspicious about its use."

While police ran a search on the placard, 55-year-old Ronnie Ellison of Downers Grove came out of a building near the parking space and got into the passenger side of a vehicle. After police spoke with him, Ellison was cited for a handicap placard violation and the placard was seized.

A records search on the two men indicated that Ellison had no valid license and Hicks' license was suspended out of Illinois and revoked out of Tennessee.

Hicks was booked and released on an I-bond, the report said. He will receive a court date in the mail.

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