‘Your Concealed Carry License Is In the Mail’

Illinois State Police say concealed carry permits will be printed and mailed on a daily basis as they are approved.

Illinois State Police officials offered a glimpse of the state’s new concealed carry license at a press conference to announce that the first licenses are in the mail and should soon be hitting applicants’ mailboxes.

Over 5,000 concealed carry license applications had been approved and are ready to be printed and mailed. New licenses will be printed and mailed on a daily basis as they are approved.

Illinois’s concealed carry license resembles the state's drivers license and ID, but with an Illinois State Police hologram in the center.

Concealed carry applicants must have a valid Firearms Owner’s Identification card, or be in the process of applying for one. In addition, applicants are subjected to background checks by the Illinois State Police, while local law enforcement agencies review applications for objections.

State Police can deny applications based on the applicant’s criminal background, or if the state review board determines than an individual poses a threat to themselves or the community.

Since the concealed carry law took effect Jan. 1, the state police have received over 50,000 applications and objected to more than 800.

DuPage County has the third highest number of concealed carry applications in the state, according to Illinois State Police data.


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