Political Accusations, Disputed Claims Fly as Primary Draws Near

The latest dispute: In County Board District 2, Sandack says he never endorsed DiCianni.

With so many complaints and accusations arising among local candidates in the March 20 Republican primary, it's getting difficult for Elmhurst Patch to keep up. Candidates and their supporters in Elmhurst are calling each other out on matters of , who's paid for the postage for a mailing and whether the timing of the mailing was unethical, whether candidates can , and who has endorsed who.

In races for the state legislature, is largely the cause of the infighting, says a March 15 Chicago Tribune article about the GOP's "bruising battles."

"Two years ago, state came close to becoming the Republican nominee for governor. Now the veteran lawmaker from Hinsdale is fighting for his political life thanks to a primary challenge by , of Elmhurst," the article states.

Dillard's campaign also sent Elmhurst Patch a critical press release March 15 after Nybo mailed, during the pre-election "dark period," a taxpayer-paid-for letter about legislation Nybo filed to impose term limits. The letter was sent to constituents in Nybo's current 41st House District. Nybo's people countered that the letter was not a campaign piece, and that they ran it by the House GOP conference before they mailed it, to make sure it was OK.

But the acrimony is not limited to state legislative races. The crowded , with eight candidates vying for three spots, is no less messy.

The latest local issue involves Pete DiCianni, Elmhurst's mayor and a candidate in District 2, and who has endorsed him.

, another Elmhurst Republican running in District 2, was surprised to hear DiCianni's robo-call to District 2 residents at 3:45 p.m. March 9. On the call, DiCianni said, among other things, that he was endorsed by State Sen. Ron Sandack (R-21, Downers Grove).

DiCianni's call starts out saying he is clearing up "misinformation" about his plans to serve .

"I will be giving up any and all mayoral compensation, including any possible future pension from the city of Elmhurst," he said on the call.

On the robo-call, DiCianni goes on to say he is endorsed by former Attorney General Jim Ryan, 17 DuPage mayors, and Sandack, among others.

Rivadeneira said he confirmed with Sandack that there was no such endorsement. Sandack, who is now running for the Illinois House in the 81st District, then took it a step further.

On March 18, at 4 p.m., Sandack sent out a counter-robo-call stating, "I'm calling to object to Mayor Pete DiCianni's claim that I endorsed him for County Board. I want to be clear: I did not endorse him. The fact is, as former mayor of Downers Grove, I believe it's difficult, if not impossible, to hold two local elected offices at the same time.

"Thank you for allowing me to clarify Pete DiCianni's erroneous claim."

DiCianni's website, as of Monday morning, still listed Sandack among his endorsers. But when contacted by Elmhurst Patch, DiCianni's only response was to email a campaign flyer that lists more than 30 endorsements from legislators, mayors and other local officials.

Sandack's name was not on this list.

Kent Frederick March 20, 2012 at 06:04 PM
This begs the question as to when DiCianni's term as Mayor of Elmhurst expires. The new County Board will be seated in December, if I remember correctly. If his term is up next spring, and DiCianni decides not to seek reelection, then it's not the end of the world. If DiCianni's term expires in 2015, or he plans on seeking reelection, that's very different.
Alan Brinkmeier March 20, 2012 at 06:23 PM
Before 6AM this morning I drove around and saw at least 50 political signs placed improperly on church parkways, public property (Prairie Path, etc..) and abandoned lots (York & Park), other parkways just along St. Charles Rd. Spring Rd and York R Rd. Elmhurst taxpayers have to pay our public works employees (during their already busy work day) to go out and remove improperly placed signs like these and others throughout the City. Shame on those running for office, including Judges, that seek citizens to vote for them that cannot follow the simple ordinances and law about political signs.
Dan March 20, 2012 at 10:52 PM
I heard what a number of the canidates do is send out mailers that say I'm candidate Smith and I have been endorsed. Separately they list a number of people never saying that list actually endorsed them just creating the impression they did. Before the next election we really need to create some sort non partisan fact check under the banner "Character Counts."
Darlene Heslop March 21, 2012 at 03:41 AM
people who rent pay property taxes...their rent goes toward the landlord's expenses, including property taxes...garbage...sewer...water...everytime those things go up...rents go up...which is yearly...and...renters don't get any kind of income tax deduction for paying property taxes, mortgage interest, etc. like a homeowner does...so...they pay more in income taxes...sometimes significantly depending upon their tax bracket.
Darlene Heslop March 21, 2012 at 03:44 AM
dicianni's term as mayor expires 04/30/13...and he has already indicated that he will be running for re-election next march. sooo...let's see...he spent since november campaigning for this election...then he will spend the next 6 months campaigning for the november election...then...he will spend another 5 months campaigning again for mayor. gee...and he says he will have all kinds of time to be on the county board, run a business, and be the mayor of elmhurst...but it seems to me...he will be doing nothing but campaigning.


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