Downers Grove Election: Candidate Profiles, Results, Full Coverage

Your complete guide to the 2013 consolidated election in Downers Grove.

Election Day 2013 is here. Stay with Patch throughout the day for election information and full results for contested races, including the Downers Grove Village Council.

See below for information on the upcoming election and a breakdown of every race, with links to individual candidate profiles.


Downers Grove Village Council (choose three)

  • Robert "Bob" Barnett
  • Marilyn J. Schnell
  • David S. Olsen
  • Susan Walaszek
  • Don Jankowski
  • Greg Hosé

Community High School District 99 (choose four)

  • Deborah "Debbie" Boyle
  • Martin Gorski
  • Henry P. Jakobsze
  • Teresa "Terry" K. Pavesich
  • Julia Kennedy Beckman
  • Rick Pavinato

Downers Grove Township Supervisor (choose one)

  • Karol Ann Sole-D
  • Frank Wurster-R (incumbent)

Downers Grove Township Clerk (choose one)

  • Christine Hotchkin-D
  • Laura L. Hois-R 

Downers Grove Township Highway Commissioner (choose one)

  • Chistopher English-D
  • Lawrence C. Anderson-R (incumbent)

Downers Grove Township Trustee (choose four)

  • Megan Schroeder-D
  • James Boyce-D 
  • Mark D. Cuthbert-R (incumbent)
  • William J. Swanston-R (incumbent)
  • Kathleen A. Abbate-R (incumbent)
  • Lorraine Grimsby-R (incumbent)

Center Cass School District 66 Board Member (choose four)

  • Glenn Olsen
  • Tracey A. Edwards
  • Mark R. Motuelle (incumbent)
  • Liane Raso
  • Steven R. Vena
  • Michael B. Mandziara

Editor's Note: Martin Gorski and Henry Jakobsze both announced their withdrawl from the race. However, because the decision was made after the deadline to withdraw, they will both appear on the ballot.


Downers Grove Park District Commissioner (choose two)

  • Damienne Souter
  • Matthew Cushing (incumbent)

Downers Grove Grade School District 58 (choose four)

  • Sallie Ann Lupescu (incumbent)
  • John D. Cooper, Jr. (incumbent)
  • James Paul
  • Roberta Diehl (incumbent)

Downers Grove Township Assessor (choose one)

  • Theresa Cockrell-R (incumbent)

Darien School District 61 Board Member (choose three)

  • Melissa Christie
  • Iranell Spann
  • Katherine Fujiura


Question: Should Downers Grove Township arrange electricity supply for residential and small commercial retail customers who don't opt out of the program? (choose yes or no)


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  • Downers Grove Council: Catch up on the latest news from the village of Downers Grove.


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