On the Agenda: Village Council Meeting (6/19)

Tonight's meeting, in brief.

The Village Council will meet tonight at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers inside Village Hall. Below are some highlights from the proposed agenda.

On the Consent Agenda:

• A bid awarding $954,210 to Am-Coat Painting for the Maple Ave water tower repainting project.

On the Active Agenda:

• A motion approving the 2013-2015 Long Range Financial Plan.

Up for First Read:

• A motion awarding a contract for $548,740.50 to ENCAP, Inc, for naturalization of Valley View Pond. From the motion:

The subject of this project is an existing pond located between Robey Avenue and Valley View Drive, just west of Main Street. The approximately 2.5 acre, man-made pond was excavated as part of a subdivision development and was intended to provide detention for the surrounding area. The pond is located on Prentiss Creek and is fed by multiple storm sewers, the largest of which is 60” in diameter.

The Village took ownership of the pond in 1988 from a non-performing developer. Over the years the pond has accumulated a large amount of sediment from more than 400 acres of tributary area. The sediment, a significant waterfowl presence and a lack of substantial vegetation have negatively affected water quality and led to algae blooms, foul odor, and other negative conditions. In response to resident complaints, the Village installed and operated aerators, which have provided temporary relief to the situation. An amount of $450,000 was included in the Community Investment Plan for what was anticipated to be a dredging project.

From the Manager's Report:

2012 New Sidewalk Installation Program

Contract Amount: $ 552,129.61

Scheduled Start Date: June 18, 2012

Contract Completion Date: August 27, 2012

Work Performed This Week: Project preconstruction meeting was held on June 11th. Engineering staff completed field layout on Leonard Ave, 60th St, 61st St, 62nd St, 62nd Pl and Middaugh Ave and Meadowlawn Ave. Tree root pruning operation began on Friday.

Work Anticipated Next Week: Tree removal and excavation to be performed on Leonard Ave, 60th St, 61st St and 62nd St. Sidewalk installation will begin on those streets.

• Percent Complete: 1%


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