Downers Grove North Swimmers Keep It in the Family

Bet you didn't know how many pairs of siblings swim together on the Downers Grove North team.

If you talk to a swimmer on the Downers Grove North Men’s Swim & Dive, there is a better than 25 percent chance that they are swimming with their brother.  This year’s swim team is comprised of 39 swimmers and divers, including five pairs of siblings.  

When the younger siblings were asked why they joined, they agreed it’s because they watched their brothers have so much fun while becoming faster swimmers and they want that, too.

Head Coach Adam Bruesch, Coach Sarah Imhoff and Coach Tony Ciezadlo have worked these last several years to train the swimmers to be better athletes and to have fun becoming a cohesive team. The team trains six days a week.  In addition, varsity is required to practice before as well as after school three days a week. They are often joined by Junior Varsity swimmers who want the extra practice. 

In addition to training, the team meets for special events such as pasta parties and laser tag. One of the traditional events is the hundred 100s. Every student swims 100 yards, 100 times. They celebrate their accomplishments with copious amounts of food at a brunch provided by the parents.

The team is looking forward to a successful year as the season gets underway.  In addition, because of the tradition of a successful training program and the focus on team-building, the team attracts younger siblings, keeping alive their legacy as an awesome team.   

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